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Saints Constantine and Helen 100 Year History Documentary

The church of Saints Constantine and Helen of Washington, D.C. was established in 1908.

This documentary tells the story of how priests, clergy, and parishioners grew and maintained a century-old family.

Signatures of the founders of Saints Constantine and Helen during 1913 meeting

Project goal

For Constantine Skenderis, of Skenderis Studios, the task was to document the rich history of the Greek Orthodox church of Saints Constantine and Helen (SCH) and its members which have thrived for 100 years.

Boxes of unorganized archival documents

Fortunately SCH members kept documents, lists, and relics of the church over the last 100 years.

Scanning and organizing the many articles, however, took weeks of sorting through.


Burnie Thornberg describes his experience as a lifelong member of Saints Constantine and Helen

Three dedicated members of the church were interviewed: George Koutras, Bernard Thornberg, and Katherine Tiches. They provided valuable insight and personal commentary, helping to make the documentary come to life.

Editing and production

Various Adobe editing software were used in order to combine the photos, video, narration, and effects together.

Skenderis recorded his own voice for the narration that guided you through the story.

The premiere

The film was presented on two screens at the 100 Year Celebration formal gala. Attendees were given a booklet that contained the program for the evening as well as photos and documents describing the history of the church.

The film ended with a standing ovation and a “Thank you”speech by Constantine Skenderis expressing his gratitude for trusting in him to produce such a momentous film.

Constantine Skenderis giving his speech as Executive Producer of 100 Years of History documentary at the 100 Year Anniversary Gala for Saints Constantine and Helen, Nov 2018

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