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American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association (AHEPA)

The American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association otherwise known as “The Order of AHEPA” is a fraternal order and nonprofit organization that was founded in 1922.

It was originally focused on fighting the bigotry and racism that faced many immigrant communities, including Greeks. As time progressed, it continued to support philhellenes of all stripes and does so today through millions of dollars in charity.

Skenderis and AHEPA collaborate

July of 2016, after interviewing Steven Plate, the Deputy Chief of Capital Planning of the World Trade Center, AHEPA and Constantine Skenderis, of Skenderis Studios, both agree to work together on producing media content.

Steven Plate interviewed by Constantine Skenderis at St. Nicholas Shrine. July 2016

Proven success

Upon examining the organization’s social media content, Skenderis determined that he would immediately implement several media campaigns.

He used only organic (non-paid) methods including weekly videos, constant news updates, and email marketing. Some videos reached view counts of over 37,000.

Return of the Parthenon Marbles

The Parthenon Marbles have been away from home long enough!SEE DETAILS HERE:

Posted by Order of AHEPA on Friday, June 16, 2017
One of multiple Facebook videos from AHEPA’s 2017 media campaign, headed by Constantine Skenderis 2017

Over the course of 2017, AHEPA would gain 2,000 Facebook-likes. This meant a 500% boost for the organization when comparing to years prior.

It also lead to an engagement spike in AHEPA’s many programs and foundations including the National Scholarship Fund and its Journey to Greece program.

AHEPA’s two-year analytical graph of “likes-gained” comparing the year before Skenderis partners with AHEPA with the year after

News website is made for easy updates

Along with graphics and video, Skenderis also created a website for news updates on the organization. One where members of the AHEPA Headquarters team could communicate with fellow members and other followers more easily.

Until this time, the organization had very little media or written works online for its communities to share. Now online content was being published on a regular basis and bigger ideas were on the horizon.

Time for modernization

Followers were getting more familiar with the organization and understood what type of work the organization did on a regular basis.

As 2018 began and with hundreds of thousands of impressions tracked through analytics, AHEPA started working more closely with Skenderis Studios to make some bolder moves.

One such move included a historical, ad-like, video highlighting AHEPA’s great achievements since its founding, put together by Skenderis.

Among its many accolades, the video shows a montage of U.S. presidents such as George H. W. Bush and Barack Obama thanking AHEPA for their philanthropic givings.

Advertisement including past U.S. presidents thanking AHEPA and lists of charitable programs, created by Constantine Skenderis Feb 2018

The new website goes live

By summer 2018, during AHEPA’s annual convention, and after months of development, Skenderis and AHEPA launch the new and improved national website.

New announcement video

Its menu system was made more concise, graphics and videos were planted throughout each page, making it more engaging, and blocks of text were removed and edited into modern headings, descriptions and downloadable documents.

Skenderis currently maintains this website and continues to produce graphics and short video clips as needed.

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